Meet Xavier

Xavier reflects on his first month as a Graduate Accountant.

Joining the SIP team

The SIP team were all incredibly open and welcoming when I first started. From all levels of the organisation, everyone has been approachable and eager to get to know me. I was initially a bit nervous as I hadn’t worked in a professional office environment before, but everyone has been very supportive and after a few days I felt right at home. The SIP team feels nicely balanced and I immediately sensed a great culture. It has also been fun to start the graduate programme with a group of fellow graduates/interns and refreshing to know that we’re all in the same boat and starting our professional journeys together.

My favourite part about the Graduate Induction

The graduate induction training was very intensive and provided some great insight into the firm and the kinds of work we’ll be performing at SIP. I really enjoyed the talk we had with Gary where we were able to a lot more about the firm’s history, structure and future ambitions going forward. Moreover, when we were completing the hands-on training, it was exciting to finally apply my accounting skills and knowledge from university in a practical scenario and ascertain a better understanding of the kinds of work we should expect.

Challenges I have faced during this month

Initially the induction training felt a bit overwhelming as we were completing a large variety of work and covering concepts in far greater detail than I previously understood them. Accordingly, I found it a bit difficult to absorb and remember all the information we were learning so quickly. However, the staff were super helpful and understanding throughout the training, enabling me to establish a good foundational understanding of the different work processes that has helped me immensely when I began working with clients.

Things I am looking forward to the most

Now that I have joined SIP as a graduate I’m really excited to expand my accounting knowledge-base and skills as I work on more and more clients. This will give me the confidence to complete client work more efficiently and to a higher standard. I’m also eager to develop my professional network within the SIP team as well as externally and establish myself within the profession. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to undertaking my studies towards achieving my professional qualifications such as the CA course and applying the skills I learn to better complete my everyday work.

The SIP office 

I was very impressed by the layout and design of the new SIP office space. Everyone has plenty of desk space yet doesn’t feel isolated from one another. The tech in the office is all up to date with lots of online interactivity making it easier to communicate with those working remotely. The furnishings and fittings are all very modern with lots of natural light in every floor. The 3rd level provides a great open social space to eat lunch, perform training exercises, play table tennis and have a few drinks at the end of the week.

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