ArticleSIP Women in Focus

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women’s achievement.
Raise awareness against bias.
Take action for equality.

The Slomoi Immerman Partners women featured in this article each have a story. A professional journey filled with accomplishment and compromise. Success and sacrifice.

We are proud to support the women in our SIP family and watch them go from strength to strength.


Annie | Business Services Manager

Annie always worked hard, and like many women only paused her career when the time came to consider her growing family. Then she worked harder.

Stepping away from a full-time accounting career to care for her young sons, while launching her own sole trader business from home, Annie remembers those years as tough.

Breaking the bias for Annie means equality. 




Robyn | Executive Assistant

Robyn takes extreme pride in her work and feels honoured to have played her part in building SIP into the firm it is today. Throughout her life she has always made the most of every situation, showing up each day to do her best.

Breaking the bias for Robyn means smashing the glass ceiling.





Sharon | Director Superannuation

Sharon means business and is always focused on the best outcomes for her clients. A super woman in every respect Sharon encourages more women to step up, be brave and tap into the opportunities on offer.

Breaking the bias for Sharon means women cheering each other on.





Felicity | Taxation Manager

Felicity has always loved numbers, but tax has had a special place in her heart for the last 16 years. Balancing a career and family is a challenge for women and she stresses the importance of helping women uncover a work-life balance.

Breaking the bias for Felicity means understanding women can do it all.





We are actively recruiting female professionals of all levels of experience to join our team.

If this is you, or an amazing woman you know, please reach out.