Grad Life at SiP


As a graduate accountant at SiP, not only will you get training on how to use different accounting software systems, prepare ITR returns and more you will also be encouraged to complete your CA so that you’re well equipped to thrive in a fast changing world. As a university fresher, if you’re looking for personalised mentorship opportunities from managers and directors of the company who have decades of experience in the industry, as well as hands on learning and a nurturing working environment, then SIP is the best option for you.

The best part of working at SiP is the ‘Buddy’ program.

Normally, working as a graduate accountant you have many queries due to a lack of prior practical experience. In a general company you’ll be required to clear your doubts or problems with your managers or supervisors who are already super busy, but at SiP, you’ll be sitting next to an employee who will be your ‘buddy’ for the next few months.

The best part about your buddy will be that he/she will always be open to answer your questions and will never be too busy to help you out.

Last but not the least, how can I forget the benefits of being included in the weekly team meetings, quarterly table tennis tournaments, monthly team lunches and more!

Transition to the workforce:

After completing your bachelor or master program at the university, the transition to the workforce is not easy. There are two hurdles for a graduate entering the workforce for the first time:

  1. From the beginning of school, everything is graded. I could get immediate feedback on my performance. But at work, you’re not getting that immediate feedback… and I think that is one of the biggest challenges you will face during this transition.
  2. The entire goal of university — at least from a learning standpoint — is to develop your knowledge base and critical thinking capacity. In school, you are accountable mainly to yourself. In a professional environment, in contrast, there is much more at stake. Mistakes can have severe consequences. You’re not only accountable to yourself; you’re accountable to your team, to your colleagues, to your boss, to your division, and to your organisation. If you fail a key assignment, damage a client relationship, mismanage an interaction with a supplier, you can’t make it up or ask for extra credit.

If you want to overcome these challenges, joining a graduate program in a good company that will mentor you is the best way to grow and prepare yourself for the workforce.

The best part of being a graduate accountant:

One of the best ways to get your career started the right way is to apply for a graduate accountant program. If tailored training, the chance to really learn how an organisation works, networking opportunities and clear career progression sounds good to you, then a graduate program is what you need.

While working as a graduate accountant, you’ll be provided with training and on-job learning which is usually very structured and geared to give you all the technical skills required to do your job.

You’ll be able to apply the standards and concepts you have learnt at university, but you will also get amazing opportunities to learn, gain exposure to different accounting software, prepare ITR and BAS statements and gain responsibility.

It’s the mentorship that will set you up for success in your future career.

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