SIP Family Focus: Chamath Senanayake


Whether supporting clients with taxes, and forward planning on broader issues such as asset protection and the intergenerational transfer of wealth or lending his expertise pro bono to a variety of causes, Chamath loves to help. His most recent initiative joining the board of the ‘We Value Life Foundation’ supporting communities struggling in India as a result of Covid-19.

The thrill of property

When prompted to talk more about property development and some of his current work, you can hear the passion in Chamath’s voice as he says, “It’s a lot of work but it’s an exciting ride!”

He is genuinely thrilled for his clients’ success as he details property developments that have raised millions of dollars and pre-sold most before completion. Others whose property values have increased even before settlement and further afield success with regional Victoria and interstate residential and commercial properties.

His team has also helped structure investment vehicles where multiple clients have wished to purchase land jointly. This can be especially challenging balancing each party’s different circumstances and objectives from the land.

Partner with people you can trust.

Creating synergy between client investors, partners and finance providers is at the heart of what Chamath, and the entire Slomoi Immerman team do best. They are driven by their relationships and helping their clients succeed.

Chamath invites you to reach out to him at via email if you need help or are interested in collaborating.

WFH Life

Like everyone in Melbourne, the impact of Covid-19 has meant constant adjustments to life in lockdown. 5km travel restrictions means Sunday rides are on hold and working from home presents its own challenges, like remembering to take breaks and walk outside.

As the SIP team continues to grow, welcoming new staff Chamath finds teaching them the ropes can be extra challenging online without the usual warm SIP family welcome, drinks nights and coffee runs.

Luckily for Chamath, he is in lockdown together with one of the firm’s newest recruits, trainee accountant Shane Senanayake. We are all SIP family.

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