Passionately Pro Bono


Modest by nature, our preferred approach is to make things happen behind the scenes. Our purpose is for the firm to make a difference for our clients, each other, and our communities.

Gary Immerman has been involved in several not-for-profit organisations and community initiatives over the years. As an accountant, he says there is a natural inclination for him to provide his experience and skills to organisations that are doing good things that resonate with him.

In addition, he says it’s also a wonderful opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people. The organisations are always very appreciative, understanding that it is generally a big commitment, and they value the focus and strategic perspective that chartered accountants bring to their board, not just on accounting matters.

John Mabilia agrees and over the years has offered much support to his affiliated community and schools. Currently he is a member of the local church committee of management and strongly believes that giving back to the community and providing assistance for the betterment of many is a privilege.

Shane Binstock has always worked within the community but since becoming a father he is passionate about availing a Jewish education for all kids in the community and is Treasurer for United Jewish Education Board. He willingly donates his time and unique skills to assist community organisations, just like he saw his parents and community members do when he was growing up. He says,

“There were always older and more experienced persons who were willing to give their time to ensure my experience was always the best it could be and now it’s my turn.”

Chamath Senanayake also loves to help where he can and recently joined the board of the ‘We Value Life Foundation’ supporting communities struggling in India as a result of Covid-19.

Currently on the Board and acting Treasurer of Jewish Care, Sharon Gdanski stresses the importance of sharing her skills to assist and enrich others.She says,

“I have been fortunate to be educated and have had others invest and grow me, I believe in the principal of pay it forward. I think it is imperative that as a society we help others in whatever way we can.”

Laurence Slomoi who is involved in a number of Pro Bono roles, including as Treasurer of a Health Promotion Charity, reinforces that,

“Serving the community is at the centre of what we do. Community service and pro bono work allows us to give back to the communities in which we live and work.”

It is important we never lose sight of where we’ve come from or where we’re going and as a firm, Slomoi Immerman Partners fully endorses time spent on these initiatives.

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