Meet Joshua

Looking back at the last 13 months of being a graduate accountant, I am amazed at the amount I have learnt.

At the beginning of 2021 myself and the 2 other graduates started our careers at Slomoi Immerman Partners. Starting my first full-time accounting role I was unaware of what to expect and how our day-to-day life would look.

Our first week of employment showcased an induction week full of several training sessions. A Training Schedule was supplied to map out each session over the course of 4 days. The induction week was a fantastic way to spread out all the information we needed to learn.

Something I really enjoy at SIP is the ‘mentor program’. Everyone is assigned a senior colleague as a mentor, who acts as an advisor for goals and gives assistance when needed. The mentor program is a prime example of the sheer effort our employees give to one another.

SIP offers continuous training throughout the year, whether the sessions are held internally or externally. It is beyond what I had expected and a testament to how SIP value employee growth.

My Greatest Experience

In June 2021 I was given the opportunity to visit a client and gain an understanding into their business processes. I was accompanied by a senior accountant and another fellow graduate. We stayed in Morwell for a week and solely focused on a case study, which involved identifying a shortfall of money they were owed. It was exciting to have my first client experience in this manner and it truly highlights the opportunities SIP can provide to our clients and employees.

TIA Foundations Course

A requirement of SIP’s graduate program is to complete the TIA Foundations Course. This is a 12-week online external course held by The Tax Institute. SIP will allow study leave for exams and provide other assistance where needed throughout the 12 weeks.

The course provides an insight into tax principles at a beginner level. As well as this, it teaches you how to balance study and work in preparation for CA for the following year.

Overall, my experience at SIP as a graduate has been full of beneficial experiences for my future career. Everyone at SIP has been welcoming, willing to assist and I would encourage anyone studying accounting to put their best foot forward in becoming a member of the SIP family.

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