Meet Sayam

Sayam reflects on his first month as a Graduate Accountant.

How did you feel joining the SIP team?

I feel very comfortable in the team with all the colleagues giving me a warm welcome and always hastening to assist me with my enquiries and to help with my transition into the team.

What was the best part of the Graduate Induction Training?

The structure of the classes allowed me to learn the different procedures in a systematic manner where each class was connected and built on top of the other, allowing me to learn the foundations and further proceed to the other different aspects, such as the financial statements and tax returns. This effectiveness was amplified where the instructors provided plenty of time to implement their teachings.

What was the most challenging part of the Graduate Induction Training?

One challenging aspect was facing issues in accessing certain resources such as ‘SIP Way’, PDF Xchange and the ATO portal which slightly inhibited the effectiveness of the training as I was unable to immediately implement the teachings.

What are you looking forward to the most now you have joined the team and working on client work?

I am looking to interact with my fellow colleagues and learn from them as well as assimilating myself into the team and its unique culture. I am also looking forward to applying my university knowledge as well as gain additional understanding whilst working on the different client projects.

What were you first impressions of SIP’s office?

The office has a neat and tidy design. I also really enjoy how each floor has their own kitchen and bathroom which makes it extremely convenient for the staff.

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