Meet Patrick

SIP’s Induction Training provided a great in-depth overview of the relevant systems and processes that I would be applying to clients.

Prior to Slomoi Immerman Partners I had never been in a professional setting. Initially, this prompted me to ‘go with the flow’ and take every opportunity that was given to me, whether that was learning, receiving feedback or facing challenges.

I am excited to broaden my experience throughout my career at SIP and plan to achieve this by completing my CA studies and working on different clients. 

Benefits of a Mentor Program

I was assigned to a mentor (Andrew Eddy) who extended my welcoming over a coffee. Andrew spoke about his own success and experiences working in a variety of roles and firms. He also urged me to reflect, as my time progresses with SIP, on my personal and professional aspirations.

I believe having someone in your corner to challenge, encourage and provide feedback is important for development and growth in a person’s career.

It was very interesting meeting the team at SIP and having the opportunity to learn about their own career journeys. The induction training exceeded my expectations on development and expected standards, which has provided me with a strong base to further my career.

The most enjoyable moments of graduate induction

A presentation was given from one of the founding Director’s, focusing on how SIP was formed and the core values of the company.  We were also given a brief idea of the future direction they are hoping to take SIP in.

The Induction team took all the new graduates out for lunch, allowing us to engage with them on a more personal level, which I found exciting and who doesn’t love a meal out in the city.

Challenging aspects of being a graduate

Challenges are expected when you are placed in an unfamiliar environment, but with a great support system behind you, they will easily be overcome.

I will say, the induction was very structured and fast paced but it provided a great in-depth overview of the relevant systems and processes that I would be applying to our clients. There was a lot to take in within a short period of time, however as I was given more client work the effectiveness of the training was highlighted, and I think overtime it will become all very familiar.

Every employee at Slomoi Immerman Partners is very supportive and welcoming. There is definitely a sense of camaraderie within the team, which I believe is the key to the company’s success.

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